headAll Star Weekend
All Star Weekend

All acting classes are taught by either a celebrity, acting coach, T.V. set coach or sometimes
even parents of celebrities that have gone through the same journey some of you are just starting.

Beginner’s program  - 4-8 week courses
21 hour program: Once a week for 4 weeks.
33 hour program: Once/twice a week for 6 weeks.
45 hour program: Once/twice a week for 8 weeks
Advanced program - 8 week course
24 hour program: Once a week for 3 hours
Pre-requisite: You must have gone through our beginner’s program, have an agent or be a working actor.
Audition Techniques
How to Slate properly. How to own the room.
What an agent and casting director look for.

Techniques on how to think quickly and how to explore
your own creativity and imagination. Overcoming stage fright/shyness techniques.

Starting with the basic acting techniques: Who, what, when, where, and why. Comedic/Dramatic monologues in reflection of the individual's character. Showing the right emotion and making it believable.

Scene Study
Character Development, script breakdown, and how to react off another person, and be able to deliver a believable performance.
Comedy Class
Commercial Class
Drama Class
Character Breakdown
Cold Reading
Scene Study
TV/Film Class
Audition/Callback Class

all star weekend

Actors Giving Back Education Guarantee
The workshops are for educational purposes only. This is not an audition for work.
We are not offering employment, a job opportunity or an audition, only training.
We are bonded in the State of California
HCC Surety Bond #100153513


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